Etsy Jewelry | Weekend Wish List: Huiyi Tan on #Etsy

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Etsy jewelry | Huiyi Tan

Weekend Wish List:
Huiyi Tan – Etsy jewelry

Etsy is one of my very favorite places to shop for gifts. You always know you’re going to find something completely unique. And best of all, you’re supporting independent artists as you go.

I love to find Etsy jewelry that’s unique, a little unexpected and that makes a statement.

That pretty perfectly describes Huiyi Tan’s shop! Those colored pencil ear studs make me want to get my ears pierced (yes, I’m a 30-something who somehow missed the ear-piercing stage.)

I’m in luck, though… the colored pencil look is also available as a necklace – or even a brooch!

And not all of her pieces are made from writing utensils. She has a whole collection of jewelry, some made with zippers, buttons and still others made from sterling silver.

Be sure to check out the rest of her shop. There’s a lot there to choose from!

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