Update: No Spend Month Challenge – Day 2 & 3

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No Spend Month – Day 2 & 3 Update
Things have been going well so far. I’ve run into a couple temptations, but have talked myself out of spending anything. And we haven’t sat around doing nothing, either.

Day 2: Not much temptation today. Another day, another snow day…
• We were mostly homebound again today, due to ice, so the kids and I hung out at home. Playing, painting and lots of play-dough.
• I met up with friends at our library this evening for an organizing event (with a professional organizer who’s appeared on HGTV’s Mission: Organization!)
Day 2 Spent: $0.

Day 3:
Today’s temptation: A haircut for my son. When he was younger, I always cut his hair, but since he’s turned 3 (and very wiggly), we’ve opted to take him to the pros the last couple times. I was actually thinking about piling the kids in the car, but then decided to try it myself again.

**By the way, you can totally do this yourself, too! I taught myself by searching for videos on YouTube. My kid gets a little freaked out by the electric razor, so I scissor cut. That way, I’m able to layer it and leave it just a bit longer.

• The kids and I attended story time this morning at the library (LOVE our library!).
• My husband went to the Flyers hockey game tonight with his friend. These tickets normally run $60/each, BUT my husband & our friends won these last week, so… FREE! Woo hoo! Parking, unfortunately, was $15, but the Flyers are his favorite team and tix are so $$$ that he normally only goes to a game if he wins tickets, so…
Day 3 Spent: $15

Running total for Feb: $16

Tonight’s challenge: Our first no-spend date night.

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