Target Neiman Marcus collection is 70% off in stores and online

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Target Neiman Marcus collection

Target Neiman Marcus collection

Yesterday I stopped into Target for a few quick essentials and got distracted by the bright 70% off clearance sign. (Isn’t this always the case at Target? For me, anyway!)

I was particularly excited to spot THIS 70% off sign, though, because it was plopped right in the middle of the Target Neiman Marcus collection, that was at too high a price point to begin with, in my opinion.

While I never could justify spending $60 on a toddler’s dress (no matter how gorgeous they are), I could most definitely do 70% off. That made these gorgeous little designer dresses just $17.99 each. Yes, please. I’ll take two.

I did actually pick up two Jason Wu dresses, both a size or so ahead. One will be the perfect Christmas dress and the other will work well as an Easter dress.

Sizes will most likely disappear quickly at these prices, so run there today, if you’re able. They still have a great selection online, too – and it looks like most items in the Target Neiman Marcus collection may even be shipping for free.

And sadly, while these two dresses do not come in my size (*cries*), there are plenty of other items still for sale in the collection that will be a better fit.

I do wish that these did come in adult sizes, though. The details on these Jason Wu girl’s dresses are amazing. The lace collars are beautiful and the bow on the back is just perfect. In fact, it snaps across the back, so you won’t have to worry about the bow constantly coming undone. The skirt is flouncy and will make a wonderful spin, always an important factor when choosing a dress, in my daughter’s opinion.

Please note: If you purchase anything from the Target Neiman Marcus collection and change your mind, you’re only able to return these items through January 15, 2013. 

Target Neiman Marcus collection

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