Fashion Friday: Spring Fashion for Kids at Gymboree

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Our winter has been the weirdest winter this year (weather-wise, at least).

One week it’s in the 50s. Then the 20s and back up to the 50s. To be honest, I can’t keep track anymore.

I can tell you, though, all these regular glimpses into spring? I’m SO ready for spring clothes shopping! I can’t wait to break out all those short sleeves and bold, bright colors. Fashion for kids this spring is looking fun!

Gymboree is one of my favorite places to shop for kids’ clothes. There are so many choices, which makes shopping there fun, but more importantly, their clothes are incredibly durable. With two active kids? That’s priceless.

Here are a few of my favorites that I’m thinking for spring:

Blue plaid boys shirt

This short-sleeve button-down shows off my favorite color combination. I love blue and green together, especially the different shades of blue here. My son is going to look sharp in this, whether he’s playing outside or dressing it up for Easter.

I’m going to grab this great airplane graphic tee for him to throw on under the plaid shirt, for a more casual look.

plaid shoes

And these awesome blue-green plaid sneakers are awesome! So cool. And no laces to worry about, either!

Though, once I stopped in the store, I couldn’t help but fall in love with these two outfits for him, too:

The mix-and-match concept that Gymboree offers makes it easy to shop for the kids. I like that he can wear either khakis, jeans, or cotton pants with these to switch up his looks depending on what he feels like wearing that day, too.

And there’s no shortage of sweet outfits for girls, either.

Here’s what’s on the list for my daughter:

purple girls tee

Purple, yellow and white. Three of her favorite colors. This sweet purple tee will be great under a little cardigan on colder days and paired with either a fun skirt and leggings or jeans.

daffodil purse

Oh my goodness. She is going to LOVE carrying this adorable purse, in the shape of a watering can. Adorable.


Great deals on kids clothes

Of course, I always appreciate a good sale. So I’m happy to share that there are a few great deals going on at Gymboree right now, too!

  1. Readers can receive a free bodysuit (with complementary shipping) with a $10 purchase and details can be found here (
  2. When you sign up for Gymboree’s email newsletter, you can receive 10% off and free shipping with any online order over $50.
  3. Through April 7, with every purchase online or in-store of $50, you are eligible to receive $25 Gymbucks ( that can be redeemed starting in April 2013.  For purchases over $100, you receive $50 Gymbucks, over $150 receive $75 Gymbucks, etc.


Note: Thanks to Gymboree for being a sponsor!

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