Meet the Author – Victoria Kann “Pinkalicious” Series

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Victoria Kann

Ask my daughter her favorite color and she’ll most certainly say “pink” or “purple”. Her answer hasn’t changed (much) in all of her three years.

Lately, though? You’re more likely to hear “Pinkalicious” or “Purplicious”. She’s discovered and absolutely adores the fun series from Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann. My guess is “Emeraldalicious” won’t be far behind!

I’m thrilled to share this exclusive Q&A with author & illustrator Victoria Kann!

Q: Can you tell us the story about how Pinkalicious came to be?

It started as an email to my friends and family on April Fool’s Day in which I told them that my daughter had turned pink after eating too many pink cupcakes. A few of my friends who knew just how much my daughter enjoyed cupcakes and how much she LOVED the color pink were quite worried that it actually happened! Another said, “Hey, that would make a great children’s story!”

Q: Where did you grow up and what is your favorite color?

I am a native New Yoiker, as they say. I grew up in Brooklyn. I truly love all the colors of the rainbow, but pink is definitely the color that is the most joyful to me. If you see Pinkalicious the musical you will sing: ‘Pink is the color of love!’

Q: Do you have kids – and do they like to draw?

I have two daughters. They are very creative and love to draw, sew, tell stories and make things. Right now they are into making music videos and taking photographs.

Q: If you and your family had the chance to travel the U.S. in a bookmobile, which books would be with you on the shelves?

My younger daughter loves funny books, especially graphic novels that are humorous. My older daughter loves the vampire genre. I love picture books (one is NEVER too old!) and memoirs.

Q: Can you describe what it was like to see your books and characters come alive on stage in Pinkalicious: The Musical?

Writing the script was a really unique experience. Seeing actors perform it on stage is a amazing, because they bring their own ideas of the characters to the show. Though the words and music are always the same, each performance is different. My family has seen it at least 100 times and it is always exciting.

Q: Do you have any advice for kids who want to be writers or artists someday?

Yes, start now and keep at it! Don’t give up! I can’t wait to come to YOUR book signing!

Q: Can you tell us a little about your next project(s)?

Well, it’s extremely exciting to have Emeraldalicious come out now. I worked on it for over two years. It is a magical story involving Pinkalicious and Peter and the transformation of a garbage dump into an Emeraldalicious garden. It has a lovely environmental message. I also have a lot of Early Readers coming out, like Pinkalicious; Flower Girl and Pinkalicious; Puptastic and a really fun coloring/activity book titled, Goldidoodles, which is all about using your imagination and creating art based on Goldilicious.

Pinkalicious doll

Madame Alexander has been making GORGEOUS Pinkalicious dolls for years now. They are extremely sparkly and PINK! They have a new washable doll coming out which is very soft and cuddly, best of all you can throw it right in the washing machine so it’s great for little ones.

Ceaco also has some really fun glittery puzzles based on all my books. They have recently created a greenatastic Emeraldalicious puzzle.

You can see all this fun stuff on my facebook page:

Lastly I just want to say, if you are a parent, teacher or librarian, there are great coloring pages, activities for kids and curriculum guides on my web site:

THANK YOU! Have a Pinkatastic day!

Editor’s note: A huge THANK YOU to The Alexander Doll Company for setting up this exclusive Q&A with Victoria Kann and a huge congratulations to president Gale Jarvis for receiving the Manufacturer of the Year award at this year’s Women in Toys’ 9th Annual Wonder Women of Toys event.


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