Laundry Jumble game from Educational Insights only $16.54

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Laundry Jumble game

The kids received this Laundry Jumble game from Educational Insights for Christmas this year. It’s been a total hit for family game night.

While it says it’s for ages Pre-K and up, our nearly-3-year-old daughter had no problem keeping up and taking her turns. There are small clothing pieces included, so if your toddler is still in the habit of sticking things in his or her mouth, you may want to wait a few more months.

Product description:

It’s laundry day and the animals need help getting dressed. Reach inside the dryer to find their missing clothes using only your sense of touch. Pull out the item on your card and see if it’s a match, but watch out for the Skunk’s Undies or you’ll lose the card. Engaging 3-D game play encourages tactile exploration, fine motor skills, and counting. SMALL PARTS. Not for under yrs. Grades Pre-K and above



    • Alissa says

      It’s definitely a fun one – and the parts are well-made. The dryer is even made out of a high-quality felt, not cardboard, so it’ll hold up to years of use, I think!

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