Kid Movie Reviews: Little Red Wagon

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Little Red Wagon – Movie Review

Little Red Wagon movie

Good news Philly fans!
Zach himself will be at tonight’s premiere at Regal 24 Oaks. How amazing would it be for your own kids to get to meet him in person?


Think one person — one kid, for that matter — can’t make that big a difference?

Prepare to be inspired.

Kid-friendly movie review: Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon is the inspiring, real-life story of Zach Bonner. Zach started collecting water and supplies for families affected by Hurricane Charley, back in 2004. He was only 7 at the time, pulling his little red wagon around his neighborhood.

A year later, he continued his outreach efforts by forming The Little Red Wagon Foundation, a nonprofit organization designed to help underprivileged kids (with a focus on homeless youth). He has since put together and distributed over 4,000 backpacks across the country, filled with food, personal hygiene kits and other supplies. He ‘s also committed to including a candy pack and a small toy in each backpack. He wants homeless kids to know he cares about their “kid” needs as well as their basic needs.

Zach, with the support of his mom and sister, walked across the country in 2009. Literally. He walked from Tampa, Florida to Los Angeles, CA, covering nearly 2,500 miles in 2009 to help raise awareness for homeless kids.

I’m a fan of true and inspiring stories brought to the big screen – and this is no exception. I also appreciated some of the bigger themes the movie offered: Everyone has in them the potential to do something extraordinary. These are wonderful messages for kids and we’ll definitely be returning to them again when we talk with our kids after the movie.

Is Little Red Wagon appropriate for kids?

We give Little Red Wagon 5 out of 5 cartwheels.

Little Red Wagon is heartwarming and inspiring without a doubt. Directed by David Anspaugh, who also directed Rudy and Hoosiers, this comes as no surprise.

There were a few instances of very mild language use, but these were pretty rare, so most kids may not even pick up on them at all.

I’m looking forward to sharing Little Red Wagon with our son and getting the entire family inspired to do something small for others… which just might turn into something huge, if we keep at it.

The Trailer

How about you? Do you plan to take the kids to see Little Red Wagon in the theaters?

Is Little Red Wagon appropriate for kids? We offer a sneak peek for parents in our kid-friendly movie review.


  1. says

    This sounds like a heart movie and its so.great to see a child starting out so young with helping others. I can’t wait to see this. Thanks for the review!

    • Alissa says

      Absolutely. I have a feeling we’ll be watching this one again and again when it comes to DVD. It’s a good reminder to get active in the community!

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