Kick the Clutter: Getting started

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So one of my resolutions this year is to get organized.

I’m going to run a weekly series so we can all Kick the Clutter together! Who’s with me?

We’ll go step-by-step around the house until we’ve reached every nook and cranny and there’s nothing left to straighten up, donate or give away.

This week: Getting Started

I’m no stranger to the feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing where to start. The past several months, our clutter level around the house has gotten a little out of control.

Unfortunately this means that the disorganized feeling starts creeping into other parts of our lives as well. If a bill is buried at the bottom of a pile of paperwork on my kitchen counter, there’s a good chance it may not surface in time to get paid on time. And that can become a real problem.

So where to start?

Step 1 to Kick the Clutter: Gather Your Supplies

1. A timer
This could be a simple kitchen timer, a watch or the timer on your microwave.

2. Plastic storage bins
You’re going to be doing a lot of sorting quickly, so the bigger the better here. If you’re timing yourself, give yourself a set amount of time for each room. And here’s the tricky part – stick to it! I tend to be a very sentimental collector, which means when I come across a box of old cards I’ve kept, I always feel the urge to flip through them again.

Don’t let yourself. Not yet, anyway. This first pass will just be to get rid of as much as possible and that doesn’t leave time to do a lot of detailed organizing yet.

3. Trash bags
You’ll need these at the end for gathering up your donations and your trash.

4. Motivation
This might be the toughest to come by some days. Believe me, I know. But find what motivates you and bring it. For me, a good episode or two of Hoarders or an organizing show on HGTV usually sets me in the right, purging mood. Sounds weird, but it really does work. Maybe your motivation is a photo of a serene, clutter-free bedroom. Whatever it may be, use it to your advantage!

Next week, we’ll start in the kitchen!

Let’s keep track of our progress and share with others! It’s always easier for me to hear what ideas are working for others. So please share your thoughts and progress with us throughout this series!


  1. says

    This is awesome!! My best motivator so far is music. Especially the song Rapunzel sings about her day, and all that she does. Seriously, she gets a ton done, lol!

    • Alissa says

      Isn’t it? Sometimes it’s as tough to maintain it as it is to get rid of it all in the first place. Or is that just me? 😉

  2. Natalie says

    Hoarders does it every time. After a marathon, I have to stop myself from doing away with everything in the house! :)

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