AMC Stubs Rewards Program

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AMC Stubs Rewards Program

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(6/15/2012) Update on the AMC Stubs Reward Program:

So it’s been nearly a year since I first posted my thoughts about the AMC Stubs Reward Program and I wanted to dig up this old post to say…

I was wrong.

After researching the program a bit further, we did finally end up taking the leap and became AMC Stubs Reward members.

Throughout the past several months, we’ve definitely made our $12 back. We’ve saved consistently on popcorn and soda.

More importantly, though, there are the special programs that AMC offers that frankly, I forgot about when first writing this post so long ago. Those programs (especially the sensory-friendly films) are important to families and to movie-goers (including myself!) and are worth supporting, even if it means paying a little extra for other benefits.

The AMC Best Picture Showcase is something we attend almost every year – and this year all AMC Stubs Rewards members actually received a bonus reward to enjoy that day.


(July 2011) Original AMC Stubs Program review:

Are you a member of AMC Stubs Rewards program? The last time we were at AMC, we saw this new program (and unfortunately, didn’t get much explanation about it). Since we didn’t really know what it was and we didn’t get any guidance from associates (and it’s not free), we decided against signing up.

I was curious, though, so I researched online and found out what the program was all about. Basically, you pay $12/year for the AMC Stubs Rewards program.

With your AMC Stubs Rewards Program card, you’ll get:

– $10 AMC Stubs reward for every $100 you spend at AMC Theatres. – Includes tickets, concessions, gift cards and more.
– Free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks.
– Online ticket purchase fees waived.
– Your online ticket stub collection.

I’ll spare you the rant about having to pay for a customer loyalty card (seriously, I just hit delete on the rant. You’re welcome.) But I definitely wish (times three) that they had a FREE rewards program option. We’re such loyal customers of businesses that have incredible rewards programs (see Qdoba, Regal and the like). And we like that those businesses truly appreciate the $$ we’re already sending their way — and more importantly, show that appreciation through high-value coupons. Often.

If you’re a regular AMC attendee, then this could be a good deal for you. Since more often than not, we can be found at Regal on a Friday night (where the popcorn is FREE all summer long), we’ll be passing on this one. We’re open to reconsideration, though, AMC. We totally are. We just think the money we’re spending on tickets and concessions is already enough. Just sayin’.


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about the AMC Stubs program. Let me just say I’m very disappointed that our associates did not explain the value of the AMC Stubs program during your visit. I would be happy to do this for you now.

    I’ll offer a bit more detail on the highlights you mentioned, and how rewarding it can be for a family visiting the movies.

    In addition to getting $10 for everyone $100 you spend:

    You get free concession upgrades – If you want a medium popcorn, you pay for a small. If you want a large drink, you pay for a medium, etc. If you’re a family of four and you want 2 medium drinks, 2 large drinks, and 2 large popcorns, you will instantly save $4. There are no limits on how many upgrades you can use per card.

    I’ll move on to the free online ticketing – If that same family of four wanted to avoid the box office and purchase tickets online they would save a minimum of $4 there as well ($1 per ticket is the average online fee).

    In one visit this family could already save $8 ($4 if they didn’t purchase tickets online). This does not even mention the value they have accumulated towards their $10 reward.

    The next thing I’ll mention is the AMC Stubs Collection – Your online ticket stub collection is like a scrapbook that records all of your favorite movie memories. Every time you buy a movie ticket and use your AMC Stubs card, a stub for that movie will be added to your online collection. From there you can select that stub and make it your own by adding and sharing your stubs with friends. You can even share your stubs on Facebook.

    The last thing I will point out is the unlimited reward potential that AMC Stubs offers. Every dollar you spend at the movies (no caps or limits) counts towards your reward. Most programs in the industry, including our previous MovieWatcher program, caps out at a certain value per day. Not AMC Stubs. Yes, there is a $12 fee, but it’s that fee that allows us to provide the bigger and unlimited rewards I’ve mentioned. We understand it might not be for everyone, and that’s okay. We still value all of our guests. Thank you again for sharing your feedback about the AMC Stubs program. I truly hope you give it a chance!

    • says

      Jordan: Thanks so much for taking the time to offer a full explanation of the program. I really appreciate it, and I’m sure my readers do as well. I agree that the program’s benefits have definite added value to the movie-going experience, but I do stand by my disappointment that this type of rewards program comes with an additional cost.

      Regal offers very similar benefits to their customers at no added cost, which is why we return there on an almost-weekly basis. We’re able to earn free drinks, popcorn and movie tickets for every $50 you spend (essentially every 3rd visit for us) and that’s just pure bonus, since we didn’t have to pay into the program to begin with.

      Like I said, though, I think for the right customer, the AMC Stubs program is a definite value. If you’re an avid movie-goer and you’re watching those flicks at AMC more often than not, then I’d absolutely consider joining AMC Stubs. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Jenny says

    I thank you for the explanation…….and we do like to support AMC b/c of the sensory friendly films we like to take our son too…..thanks for the wonderful explanation, and it works for us and we’ll cont. our patronage to AMC, b/c of our connection w/ the Autism Community. Thanks.

  3. sarah says

    thank you so much jordan for your explanation
    i just wanted to say that the stubs program isn’t for everyone but it has been a delight for our family. one time we forgot to use our 10 dollar reward and the manager at AMC refunded it into our stubs account. we always save on popcorn and drinks and you also get free tickets and coupons in your email. i believe its worth it if you like a good, clean, and reliable atmosphere for your family.

  4. Unfortunate Stubs Member says

    The program only works if you get the benefits described in the program. If you present your card at the concession stand, you may not get your upgrade unless you specifically ask for it. Don’t expect the AMC attendant to suggest, remind, or offer you the upgrade even though you provide them with your Stubs Card. It is to AMC’s benefit not to give you the upgrade. In other words, it is a scam.

  5. says

    We have enjoyed the program with having our stubs card!

    I want to register for the free coke on my birthday 6/1.



  6. Thomas Outt says

    I tried to regisiter for the “Free Coke” for my birthday do not see any such options in the AMC Stubs Website. The other thing that seems to be a problem is that I did an online survey, wrote down the number that is supposed to allow me a free popcorn. I did this a year ago, and the manager @ the San Francisco Metreon had not a clue in the world as to what I was talking about. He thought I was trying to scam him. There are problems in this system & since we pay for it, they need to be fixed.

  7. sharon says

    I’m trying to register for my free coke for my birthday at AMCStub…it’s not working????? Whyy????

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